1. For Fieldfare
  2. For Contest Oscines
  3. For Omnivorous Bird Nutrition
  4. For Softbill Oscine
  5. For Parrot Daily Food
  6. Full-nutrition series for parrot
  7. Seed Food for Finch & Parrot
  8. Dry mineral pecking grains

Slow work yields fine products.
Insist that only provide the birds with best.

  Different with the field, the foster birds must be provided the nice environment and daily management and so on objective conditions, however what kind of the food provided to the birds? This is the point that affects the birds health more! All the year round, the birds only rely on food which the feeder provides, the denutrition and not appropriate both cannot achieve successful feeding. In domestic, the scholarly research of nutrition demand for ornamental birds is very deficient, only raising and observation by the large-scale, and experiment carefully for months and years then can practice.

   The food is appropriate for birds or not? The ingredient analysis value cannot completely represent, once the formula passes through the confirmation, afterward selection and the processing process are usually the keys, the same ingredient through the different processing condition for the different birds, can guarantee the effective digestion absorption, and also to understand birds’ nutrition demand and specialized manufacture, can make the nice food for birds.